Trinity Academy 

Prince Ronald Mann's Trinity Academy activities in Edinburgh, included reading his favourite writer, Erle Stanley Gardner, author of the famous/ much filmed Perry Mason novels and long-running TV series which was the standard for later court room battles. Prince Ronald had around 80 of his books. 

Prince Ronald Mann would have studied at Edinburgh University to become a lawyer like Perry. However, his first taste of law was when he went to the Australian School of Pacific Administration in Sydney in 1970. His law teacher was Jim Lemaire, who also invited him sailing on his yacht. In 1972, Prince Ronald was appointed administrator of the Law Department in Rabaul, PNG. For his PNG service, he was later awarded the Police Overseas Service Medal (TPNG).

In 1976, Prince Ronald Mann joined the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department in Darwin, and also spent a month as a Supreme Court Orderly. At self-government, he was transferred, as OIC Debt Recoveries, to the new NT Department of Law. He served there until he resigned in 1986 to pursue ministry to the poor. His favourite law TV is Perry Mason, The Practice, and JAG. 

Prince Ronald Mann's Trinity Academy activities included joining the Air Training Corps. After graduation from Trinity Academy, he joined the Royal Air Force in 1961, and was posted the following year to Joint HQ Middle East Command, RAF Steamer Point, Aden. In 1969, he learned to fly at Pipeair Flying Club, Moorabbin Airport, near Melbourne. He also flew in PNG, and Darwin.

Prince Ronald Mann's Trinity Academy activities included a night school visit to Calton Hill Observatory. Since then, he has written about the universe, and been nominated for a Nobel Prize 1998. He has special interest in the Moon, and the three large ice/water/rock moons of Jupiter, namely Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. 

(King Roman (formerly Prince Ronald) entered a claim with the United Nations to these Jupiter moons, plus the Dark Side of our Moon, plus the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, using loopholes in the Outer Space Treaty 1967 and in Dennis Hope's own claim. Roman also owns land on the Bright Side of the Moon, on craters Copernicus and Manillius, which he purchased from the Lunar Embassy in October 2013 and July 2014. Ownership of Moon land is described by experts as complicated)

Prince Ronald Mann learned to play piano at school, privately learned guitar chords from a friend Dieter Schmidt from Munich Germany, and later classical guitar. He also sang in school choirs. 

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Trinity Academy Secondary School in Craighall Road Edinburgh 

Trinity Academy Edinburgh
Be King Roman's Queen Consort for $1.1M, or Empress Consort $2.7M -
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King Roman at sea
Trinity Academy badge
Central Edinburgh with Sir Walter Scott Monument on left, Calton Hill towards the right, and the River Forth in background
Centre of Edinburgh

Spiral Galaxy 

spiral galaxy
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